The principal reason for installing glass is so that you can view through it, unfortunately if the glass becomes damaged through general wear and tear, accidental scratching or through malicious scratched graffiti damage this can detract from its original purpose and the original clarity of vision is disrupted and lost.

Appearance and first impressions matter, scratched glass, etched graffiti tags, stains and mineral deposits all detract from the general appearance and appeal of your premises whether it is a customer looking in your shop window, a client visiting you at your business premises or a guest looking at the view out of their hotel room.

Clarity Glass Repairs skilled and experienced technicians are able to repair all types of damage to glass and provide reactive, preventative and planned maintenance services on interior and exterior glass to retail, construction, commercial and residential customers.

However your glass has been damaged Clarity Glass Repairs can restore your glass saving you up to 80% of the potential costs of the replacement units.

Along with C.S.C.S. cards our technicians are I.P.A.F. trained and have full P.P.E. and equipment for working with either 110v or 240v depending on site specifications.