construction-glass-polishing-serviceDuring new build or restoration projects there are unfortunately many ways in which glass can get scratched and damaged.

  • Through not being secured properly whilst being transported.
  • When care is not taken to store glass correctly such as in racking, in a dry position ensuring that it doesn’t come into contact with corrosive agents, such as concrete and masonry run off.
  • By not choosing the right mechanical lifting equipment for the installation of the glass and allowing other materials and tools to scratch the glass.
  • During the build when glass gets scratched by scaffolding or spatter damage through welding or grinding tools being used carelessly.
  • Post construction cleaning scratches tend to be caused by the incorrect use of metal scraping tools whilst trying to remove debris such as cement, plaster, paint etc from the glass.

On building projects whilst working to tight project timelines and budgets the last thing you want to hear is that some of the glass on site has been damaged. You may have to consider

  • Lengthy lead time for replacements
  • The cost of new glass
  • Delivery charges
  • Organisation and payment of an installation team and equipment
  • Post installation decorating and cleaning costs

However your glass has been damaged Clarity Glass Repairs can restore your glass
Saving you up to 80% of the potential costs of the replacement units.
Saving you time, no lengthy lead times waiting for replacements.
More convenient as you won’t have to organise redecoration and cleaners after replacement.

Along with C.S.C.S. cards our technicians are I.P.A.F. trained and have full P.P.E. and equipment for working with either 110v or 240v depending on site specifications.

To discuss how Clarity Glass Repairs can help you with your scratched glass and glass polishing requirements please telephone us on 0800 772 0194 or enquire online.