residential-glass-polishing-serviceAs commercial glass polishers most of our work is carried out in offices, shopping centres, restaurants, shops, leisure centres and other kinds of commercial buildings.

Glass used within residential properties has traditionally been smaller in size and cheaper to replace than the larger panes used in commercial buildings and therefore when glass has been scratched at home it has not been the most cost effective solution using the services of a professional glass polishing company.

Contemporary house designers however are incorporating more and more glass with prohibitively expensive replacement costs within their designs, such as glass floors and stairs, balconies, balustrades, splash backs, skylights, shower screens, windows and doors, roofs and conservatories.

On household glass the most common cause of damage is through inappropriate cleaning methods such as dirt being on a cloth when cleaning glass, incorrect use of a scrapper when trying to clean off some paint or using abrasive pads such as billo pads, to remove marks and stubborn stains from glass.

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