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Glass scratch removal
Cleaning damage
Etched graffiti
Glass polishing
Weld spatter
Tag removal from glass
Glass balustrade repair
General wear and tear
Office partitions
Tinted glass scratch repair

Chemical damage
Scratched glass floors
Sandpaper damage
Restoration of glass stairs
Lime damage
Restoring glass doors
Scratched glass splash backs
Grinder spatter
Aquarium glass scratch repair
Scratched mirror repair

Scraper damage
Scratched glass worktops
Glass roofs and skylights
Scratched glass repair
Glass shop fronts
Scratched glass tables
Mineral deposit removal
Shower screens & enclosures
Glass display unit scratch repair
Bifold doors scratch repair

Key scratches on glass
Scaffold contact damage
Acid etching removal
Damaged office partitions
Scratched reception glass
Decorating scratches
Damaged display windows
Deep scratched glass
Windscreen repair
Headlight restoration