Scratches on glass are usually caused either accidentally or maliciously by a hard metal or ceramic object making contact with it.
We repair scratches in glass caused by a variety of reasons such as contractors on building sites accidentally hitting it with tools and materials and scaffolding scuffing against it.

A large number of scratches are caused by post construction cleaners incorrectly using scrapers when attempting to remove building and painting debris. Then those who attempt to remove stains from windows using brillo pads and even wire wool.

Occasionally we get asked to remove scratches caused by window cleaners who have used dirty water and transferred grit onto a window using a squeegee or cloth scratching the glass.

Then unfortunately there are the malicious vandals with their knives, screwdrivers and sets of keys scratching graffiti in glass.

The process of repairing scratched glass and glass polishing looks a fairly simple process but like many things in life it takes experience, patience and knowledge to be able to do it right, so what do we do?

Before we can start the repairs we determine the type of glass about to be worked on, whether it has any flaws, small scratches and cracks, especially at its edges. A close inspection of the area to be repaired and its proximity to the edge of the glass noted. We can then take this information into consideration for heat build up and pressure used during the glass restoration process.

Three varying grades of flat abrasive pads are then used to carefully grind the glass flat to the depth of the scratch whilst feathering the area out to ensure that no distortion is caused to the glass. The cloudiness that occurs as a consequence of grinding is then finely polished out using cerium oxide compound to restore the glass surface to its maximum clarity.

Clarity Glass Repairs can repair any scratch on any glass; to discuss how we can help you with your scratched glass and glass polishing requirements please telephone us on 0800 772 0194 or enquire online.