The Benefits of Repairing Glass

We repair scratched glass, remove graffiti etching and hard water and mineral deposits from glass. Glass Polishing – Save time, Save money, more convenient, and its Greener for the environment.

save-moneySave Money

Replacement glass can cost thousands of pounds; Clarity Glass Repairs can restore your glass saving you up to 80% of the potential cost of new glass.

The saving could be even greater if you add in the costs of delivery, installation contractors, potential lifting equipment and access equipment hire, possible redecoration costs and post installation cleaning.


Save Time

Replacement glass, especially bespoke glass can take weeks to be manufactured, processed and delivered.

For those working with tight project deadlines or those where having damaged glass for any length of time is not acceptable glass, scratch repair and glass polishing services from Clarity Glass repair are the solution.

Appearance and first impressions matter if your glass has been damaged with a graffiti tag the longer you leave it there the more it will act as a green light to other vandals to create more graffiti which detracts even more from the general appearance and appeal of your premises.



More Convenient

Glass polishing is more convenient, you won’t have to employ additional contractors after new glass has been installed such as painters and decorators and cleaners.

More convenient to your customers, we can have your business back to normal sooner.

We use a dry polishing method so there isn’t the inconvenience of having running water making a mess

More convenient for your staff having to work around damaged glass areas such as displays, shop fronts and reception areas etc.

You don’t have to have the glass removed, it’s more convenient, we come to you to carry out the repair.


It’s Greener for the environment

Repairing scratch & mineral damaged glass rather than replacing it not only saves time, money and is more convenient, but it also benefits the environment too.

For every one ton of glass that is manufactured, 1.65 tons of CO2 is produced. The UK glass manufacturing industry produces over 10,000 tons of glass a day, that’s over 16,500 tons of CO2.

Whilst the glass industry claims that approximately 45 – 50 % of glass is recycled the vast majority of this is bottle glass, unfortunately construction glass normally ends up on landfill sites and is rarely reused in its original form.

In today’s environmentally conscious marketplace companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Repairing glass rather than replacing it is one change that companies can make to become more sustainable without affecting their business practices or breaking the bank.