There are many forms of sprayed or painted graffiti such as tags, throw-ups, pieces, stencils, reverse graffiti to name but a few but these are normally on brick, concrete or metal. A newer and fast growing problem is glass graffiti; this has been around for about fifteen years and can be by far a much more costly type of graffiti to remove.

Glass graffiti can be split into two types, scratched graffiti (sometimes called scratchiiti) is usually made using a sharp metal implement. Chemically etched graffiti is usually created by adding hydrochloric acid within liquid shoe shine bottles or bingo dabbers.

The amount of damage that a chemical etch will cause will depend on the strength of the chemical and how long it is left on the glass, the longer it is left the more it burns into the glass.

Please take care if you try to clean the acid etched tag off the glass; do not touch it with bare hands, wear rubber gloves and use plenty of hot soapy water.

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