retail-glass-polishing-serviceWhen customers walk towards or past your shop you want them to notice your window display. They will judge the shop on what they see on display, your products, beautifully dressed mannequins etc. But if your shop window is covered in scratches, graffiti tags or offensive words that will detract from your customers view of your products and impair their impression of your business.

Unfortunately the most common cause of damage on our high street shop windows and doors today is graffiti scratching and acid etching.

Graffiti scratched tags on shop windows are usually made using hard metal objects such as a screwdriver, a knife or keys.

Chemically etched graffiti is created by adding hydrochloric acid within liquid shoe shine bottles or bingo dabbers. Symbols and numbers are then drawn on the glass and after a short period of time the acid starts to burn itself into the glass, the longer it is left the deeper the burn marks and the harder they are to remove.

Leaving graffiti tags on your glass simply acts as a green light to other vandals thinking that they can get away with creating more tags and a challenge to create bigger and better ones than the original.

However your glass has been damaged Clarity Glass Repairs can restore your glass saving you up to 80% of the potential costs of the replacement units, please telephone us on  0800 772 0194 or enquire online.